Isaac Hawthorne

Joshua Atkin

Jessie Simmons

Madeline Wells

Leah Milton

Sam Ortiz

Delilah Sharpe



Elijah Hardy

Cassandra Jordan


archangel michael

Archangel Michael

family portait of james, isaac, and kayleigh hawthorne

James & Kayleigh Hawthorne

professional headshot of officer andrew peter

Officer Andrew Peters

candin photo of zeke swanson during a broadcast

Zeke Swanson

family photo of marilyn, joshua, and joe atkin

Marilyn & Joe Atkin

school photo of leah and rachel milton

Rachel Milton

candid photo of amir karimi on the streets of rochester

Amir Karimi

photo of rebecca sharpe comforting her daughter delilah sharpe

Rebecca Sharpe

Tobias "Toby" Collins