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✿⛥rose's ramblings⛥✿


i had the idea to put some sort of a journal here, since many comic artists have author's

notes at the end of each chapter. however, since I haven't had the courage to start publishing

my webtoon yet, i'm not really sure what to write lol

i went to go see sonic 2 about a week or so ago. having a p e a k c r i n g e sonic phase

when i was eleven made this viewing an interesting experience. there were several scenes in

the movie where i could almost feel middle school me fangirling over how much they got these

characters right. some personal favorite scenes include sonic's intro with run-dmc playing,

the entire labrynth zone sequence, every single time knuckles was on screen, and of course

that post-credits bit♡

i don't know why but it feels like something about reconnected with this childhood obsession

has jumpstarted my creativity again. i had a rough start to the year, with several things

going wrong all at once, and it left my brain feeling fuzzy and tired all the time. not an

ideal mental space to be in for drawing or writing. building this very website has been a

huge help as well. while i was building the pages for my webtoon, i had to look back over

all the character writing and worldbuilding i've done, and coming at it with fresh eyes has

gotten me excited to share this story and this world all over again♡

something that has both kept me sane and kept my head from straying too far into the clouds

is my garden. my new years resolution this year was to get into gardening, and i was given

a small greenhouse and some gardening tools for christmas last year. i was pretty worried

about starting this project, because i'd always thought i had a brown thumb if my list of

dead houseplants was anything to go by. however, i've been mostly successful with all of

my plants so far! my two casualties are a thyme seedling that got overwatered, and a

parsley starter plant that i accidently watered with vinegar (it's not my fault they're

both clear!).

there's something about having something to tend to every day, something in the physical

world that gets me outside, that has had a positive impact on my mental health. and that's

not even getting into the culinary benefits. i had no idea scraps from grocery store green

onions could taste so much better after being regrown!! my two basils (sweet basil n thai

basil) and my thyme have tasted amazing as well. i'm very excited for my roma tomatoes, as

two of them are almost ripe, with three more quickly following. even on the vine they smell


i don't know how to end this lol


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