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semi-ironic tribute to my teenage creepypasta phase ❤

includes favorite characters, stories, and some of my own (failed) attempts at internet horror!

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x My Problematique Faves x

Jay Merrick (Marble Hornets)

an edit of jay marble hornets in the style of myspace blingees

u will soon come to realize i have a thing for horror protagonists with no self-preservation instincts.

Evan Myers (EverymanHYBRID)

an edit of evan everyman hybrid in the style of myspace blingees

listen he may have eaten a baby but i gotta hand it to him, hitting slenderman with a car was an insane power move and i gotta respect it.

Ben (Ben Drowned)

an edit of ben drowned in the style of myspace blingees

despite what his inclusion in Slenderman Mansion™ stuff might tell you, i found that these videos actually still hold up!

... (Lost Silver)

an edit of the lost silver game in the style of myspace blingees

im vry emo abt trainer gold 💔

Blake (Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver)

an edit of the snow on mount silver game in the style of a facebook christmas card

im emo about trainer gold 2 - 2 edgy 2 jumpscare (seriously heads up abt the cheap jumpscare at the end of the gameplay video if you haven't seen it)

dripping blood dripping blood

god damn it i thought i cleaned up all the hyper-realistic blood. oh well, watch ur step

dripping blood dripping blood
cross grave with flowers cross grave with flowers

† Graveyard of Failed Concepts †

~ let this section serve as a warning to anyone wishing to tell their own spooky stories on the internet ~

Ghost of Liu Woods

a depiction of liu woods from the original jeff the killer story as a ghost


a ghostly pale woman with long, black hair in an evening dress that shows the galaxy

Ticci Toby Remake

artwork of ticci toby before he became a proxy, stricken by the horror of what slenderman has made him do

The Red Wood Files

a creature with, pale, glowing blue eyes, some kind of celtic chest plate, and a raggedy coat stares from behind bushes
dripping blood dripping blood

- Reading List -

aka creepypastas i actually like that genuinely creeped me out

1. Candle Cove

obviously an oldy but a goody. i think there was a show made out of this but i haven't seen anything candle cove related past the original story, so i can't vouch for any of that. if you still haven't read the original story though, i would definitely recommend it as a study in simplicity!

2. Ben Drowned

as mentioned in my problematique faves, another old one that i think still holds up. i've linked night mind's video above so you can get both the videos and the arg elements of the story together, but i think there's also something to be said for watching the original videos out of context. even though it should feel overdone now the reversed music and broken, empty levels of "day four" still get under my skin. much like with candle cove, i think there has been additional ben drowned content since what the night mind video covered, but i haven't watched any of that yet and so i can't vouch for the quality of that either.

3. Stan Frederick

so i haven't watched the full series on this one yet, but i do recall really liking the old stan frederick stuff from when the dude was like, 16, and what ive seen so far this one is just as, and even more high quality that the old school slenderverse series. i will say, this definitely feels like a series for those of us that grew up with the slenderman mythos and i don't know how friendly this would be to like. the analog horror ppl or something.

4. Search and Rescue

ok there's a reason i decided to link corpse husband's video on the story. so if i recall, back when he used to do spooky readings, he would do a mix of true stories and like, ghost stories. at the time i was watching this, i didn't know search and rescue was functionally a creepypasta (i know it came from r/nosleep but like.... it's a creepypasta) and i spent like half the video thinking it was all real and getting super fucked up because i remember seeing staircases that went nowhere when i've gone hiking before!!!!???? particularly in europe!!??? and it was only once the pov search and rescue guy was watching the nowhere staircases eviscerate people that i was like "wait a minute.... i think this might be fake actually..." so anyway i linked corpse's reading in the hopes that u will have a similar experience with it that i did!

5. Abandoned Servers

now listen.... i know the whole "and the video game attacked me IN REAL LIFE!!!11!!" thing might put some of you off, and thats ok. but like.... this story still kinda has me fucked up lol. i feel like it has a similar sort of broken emptiness that got to me with ben drowned and no players online (which i can't even sit through a full lets play of lol). add to that the twisting of the narrator's body, which is something i've had literal nightmares about, and i still feel my heart rate jump when i go back to this story. the really interesting thing to me personally is that i don't think the fear is coming from a liminal space thing, since most liminal space stuff doesn't get under my skin like the afformentioned stories do. there's something about the intersect between the space being both empty and falling apart to a reality-breaking extent that freaks me out, and idk if there's a word for that sort of thing yet.

6. Channel ∞

so i know ritual pastas, as a whole, are kinda hard to suspend disbelief for, since like.... obviously this doesn't work. if you could go to a hell dimension by watching tv i think that would have ended up on the news by now. however, as a jojo's bizarre adventure fan, i am no stranger to suspending dibelief to an absurd extent for the sake of a good concept, and i think that's why i still like this story even if ritual pastas are, by nature, a bit silly. a lot of the imagery in this just goes unbelievably hard, from the statue of ur best friend coming out of nowhere, to the pink full moon that makes you bite your tongue, to the idea of having to survive in a desolate pocket reality only to realize whether or not you make it out alive is down to luck. i don't know, this one just feels a lot more visceral to me than most ritual pastas.

7. Funnymouth

this one may also come across as a bit corny, but i re-read it to make sure it held up since i haven't read it myself since like, 2013 and.... yeah, the ending still has me fucked up. like i know the broken grammer of the titular funnymouth should be funny, but it still creeps me out. for a modern comparison, it kind of reminds me of the ways alternates talked in the early parts of the mandela catalogue. the dream sequences, despite knowing they're dreams, also creep me out in a major way. again, much like with abandoned servers, it reminds me so much of my own nightmares that it makes me a bit paranoid lol. i won't spoil the ending, but i will say i think the cyclical nature of the story is another strong point, and as i said, is probably why the ending still fucks me up all these years later.

8. 'the (Coronation Day)

probably the absolute best of the playable creepypasta game/exe genre, at least until someone makes a playable version of godzilla nes lol. in particular i love how open to interpretation the game is. there's something about it's inscrutible nature that makes it stick with you in both a fear of the unkown sense, and in a "ooooh so many theories" sense. you can look into any community discussing this game and i think damn near every person who's experienced it has their own interpretation of the story. the design for peach in this game is also probably the only creepypasta-ified version of a game character that actually creeps me out

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