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you thought i would have a creepypasta phase as a teenager and not have a subsequent analog horror phase as an adult!? you fool!

x Problematique Favs Part II: Discourse Boogaloo x

Katya (CH/SS)

an edit of katya ch/ss in the style of myspace blingees

"i don't believe in the glorification of murder. i do believe in the empowerment of women."

Banny (The Walten Files)

an edit of banny walten files in the style of myspace blingees

awww the skrunkly 🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 double tap now if youd skrunkly the when

Dogtooth (_boisvert)

an edit of dogtooth boisvert in the style of myspace blingees

this man died but then brought himself back by ripping his heart out and doing direct cpr the other analog horror boys WISH they were him.

TMK (TMK Series)

an edit of the tmk virus in the style of myspace blingees

probably my current favorite of the "old video game in the beta testing stages has a demon virus" subgenre


an edit of the dorclessness emotion in the style of myspace blingees


Liberty Lurker (Monument Mythos)

an edit of the liberty lurker monument mythos in the style of a facebook 4th of july card

cant look at a historical location anymore without going "hm. wonder if its got Beasts in it."

windows 95 flopy disc

- Watchlist -

tbh i'm still pretty new to analog horror, so this is my attempt to commit to learning more about the genre!

Catastrophe Crow!

i've been hesitant to check this one out bc i think it's dead, but i've also seen so many fans of the genre gassing it up that it feels like a Necessary Watch for analog horror the way blair witch project is a Necessary Watch for found footage.

Harmony & Horror

i haven't seen battington's original stuff yet but if it's anything like the fnaf stuff i saw i will probably be shaking and crying and pissing and shitting when i do 👍


tbh i just thought it was gonna be dollar store mandela catalogue or gemini home ent. at first, but then i actually watched the first part and. that guy sure knows how to photoshop liquify tool someone's ass :'^) i saw some artwork from later parts as well and like. literally had to cover the screen. you analog horror kids are getting too good at this lol.

ChezzKid Archives

the main intigue with this one is that i don't think i've seen any of the usual suspects on youtube cover this one yet, so this'll be the only analog horror series i'm going into fully blind. i get the impression that it's gonna be in the same "beta test full of virus demons" subgenre as tmk and all the mario 64 ARGs, but for some kind of club penguin type game instead of a n64 or ps1 game.

Eventide Media Center

i kno literally nothing abt this series but a mutual of mine on tumblr likes it and we seem to have similar taste so i feel like i should check it out

Winter of '83

apparently linkara did this???? and i'm hearing that it's rly good???? the universe works in mysterious ways