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"Bombshell Cult Investigation! The Truth Behind the Coastal Wellness Organization"

*Trouble in Las Piedras County!*

Infamous Las Piedras-based group Access Animus Healing (AAH) is currently being investigated after 50 ex-members have come forward with their story, including the organization's most well-known critic, Lori Ramos. The bulk of these ex-members have decided to remain anonymous and thus are declining to comment at this present time. AAH appears to have gone into hiding, as attempts to track down any of the remaining founders have proved fruitless.

The investigation is being headed by Las Piedras PD, with some forensic assistance being provided by the neighboring Santa Barbara PD. Due to the recent nature of these allegations, both departments have declined to make public comments at this time. A civilian investigation also appears to be underway from another anonymous ex-member, who has been posting her findings on YouTube.

In other news, the people of Las Piedras just can't seem to catch a break, as once again they have had to cancel all summer activities, including a scheduled Fourth of July fireworks display, due to inexplicably choppy and violent tides. Researchers at the Serpent's Cove Aquarium Research Institute are still baffled by such unusual marine activity, even factoring in the anomalies associated with Serpentine Canyon

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