a ghost fading in and out of existence a ghost fading in and out of existence

⊗ nothing is worth the risk ⊗

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adam and evelin in a slow dancing pose, painted in a style similar to a pulp horror novel cover, complete with a worn paper texture. text in a drippy horror font reads 'nothing is worth the risk!' adam's face is covered by shadow, his eyes are black with slit pupils, and he's crying. evelin is crying with a horrified expression as well.
adam in front of a floral background with his chest cut open, showing his organs and broken ribs. he's holding a rotting apple that he pulled from his chest where his heart should be. behind adam and to the left, cursive text read 'To face you all and say... I've been awake forever...'
in one panel, adam looks up at alternate gabriel angrily, blood coming from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. one eye has turned black, signalling his alternate form. in another panel, alternate gabriel stares down at adam, eyes glowing red, his face obscured by shadows. he has goat horn on top of his head, and he's framed by a bright red moon
adam stares, mortified, at cake batter that has way too much vanilla extract in it. jonah is struggling to contain his laughter. adam calls evelin on a flip phone and says 'Eve, do NOT come over. I've backed an absolute dogshit cake. Just completely fucked it up. I'm so sorry
aged up versions of adam murray and evelin miller sit on a couch. evelin reaches a hand out but adam avoids her. they are backlit by a window showing an overcast sky aged up thatcher davis, now baring a scar across the bridge of his nose, looks in the rearview mirror of the bus he's driving
aged up sarah heathcliff stares sternly out the window of an office building aged up cesar torres walks down a city street at night in the rain. he is followed by the ghost of mark heathcliff, who is missing half his head
hand-drawn animation of adam murray cycling between his human form and his alternate form, depicted as moving shadows falling across his face and hands
archangel gabriel, depicted with six eyes, says gosh, i'm so excited to tell mary about the birth of christ! i sure hope redacted isn't pulling any tricks!
archangel gabriel, depicted with six eyes, bound in chains in an underground cave, yells motherfucker!
adam murray sitting in a dark room with an overlay that simulates the 2009 youtube layout. an annotation uses lyrics from the song no transitory by alexisonfire
cesar torres leaning through a doorway with a vhs overlay. the caption reads 'mark? are you in here?'
michael distortion walking through a colorful doorway

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a cursed black cat with two tails and two feet