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☽ World of Mourning Moon Rising ☾

planet omnius

Omnius is a vibrant, diverse planet that consists of two continents: Solis in the north, and Lunis

in the south. These continents fizzle out into several volcanic islands. Though there are several

alien lifeforms on this planet, the two most populous are elementals and pyrians. Elementals are

omnivorous humanoids that are so well adapted to their habitats that they can telekinetically alter

aspects of it, such as the plant life or the air currents. Pyrians are a strictly carnivorous, humanoid

apex predator formed from the planet's core. An overabundance of pyrians compared to their supply of

prey has lead to interplanetary exploration in search of a food source. Elementals manage to avoid

being hunted by pyrians by having toxic blood. Infrastructure in the various countries, called Districts,

are always built around the natural landscape, rather than on top of or through it. Though each District

has its own system of governing, they all answer to the Chronians that live on the planet's moon.

a map of the planet omnius