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daisy holding a decaying severed head, read lights surrounding her
daisy shambling along the shore of serpent's cove at night, shoddily restrained by purple and black spiked tentacles. the waves and her footsteps stir up blue bio-luminescent plankton
evelyn rayne sitting on a ledge by the coast as she films the waves with an old 70s camera lori ramos standing on a shipping dock. she's splattered with blood and holding a .22 caliber pistol
a painting of an overhead shot of a beach with green sand dark green rocks on the shore. within the water of the ocean, there's a dark, deep canyon just off the coast. a sail boat sails over the top of the canyon
maggie rosado laying on her side in front of a pastel pink and purple y2k style background. she's dressed in an early 2000s style outfit. text beside her reads 'Sister of the Tide'
a young woman with a preppy fashion sense in front of a pastel pink, y2k style background. cursive text beside the woman reads 'Maggie Rosado' a tall woman with her face censored, though the shape of her eyes are visible through the black square. the background is blue and sky-themed, with a y2k art style. her name is also censored. text over the censor bar reads 'INVALID'
a young athletic woman dressed in a track suit and sports bra in front of a red and orange, y2k style background. test beside her reads 'Penny' and what appears to be her last name is glitched out and unreadable a young man dressed casually in front of a green y2k style background. text beside the man reads 'Ashton' and what appears to be his last name is glitched out and unreadable
an undead girl with completely white eyes and curly, dark blue hair sits in front of a dark blue background covered in gothic spiralling patterns, very reminiscent of old-school emo anime aesthetics. text beside the girl reads 'Aster Animus' a punk boy with scars all over his face and hands smokes in front of a grungy, black and red background. text beside him reads 'Samuel Lupo'
a painting of a deep sea creature with numerous tentacles, styled after ROV footage from the 1990s
a heavily distorted image of a woman with white eyes and sharp fangs
a hippie woman with ginger hair, round glasses, and freckles runs with carrying a guitar case. the background is typical 70s graphic design. text beside the woman reads 'Beverly Shine' a young woman with long blonde hair, a crop top, and frayed denim shorts in front of a DIY zine-style background. text beside her reads 'Jewel Seaver'
a hippie man with dark curly brown hair, slight beard, and a painting palette in front of a black velvet style beach landscape. text beside the man reads 'Oscar Ramos' a goth woman with curly brown hair and tear stained eyes sits in front of a background filled with 80s styled blocky shapes and lines. VHS static is visible on the top and bottom of the image. text beside the woman reads 'Lori Ramos'
a woman in business formal attire with dark hair tide in a messy bun stands in front of a bright, 90s graphic design background. she is holding a professional photography camera. text beside the woman reads 'Evelyn Rayne'
Hyori Moon and an alien with the appearance of a skeleton wear trendy outfits while going for a walk in a park in New York City
an anime girl with white hair, wings, and glowing red eyes dodges bolts of lightning in a thunderstorm
an anime girl with wavy brown hair and trendy outfit. in the corner, her name, Hyori Moon, is written in fancy cursive
an anime girl with orange hair, long ears, and a gothic black dress over a purple, Blingee-inspired background

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six ornate pendants in a row