blooming pink flowers blooming pink flowers

✿Welcome to the Garden✿

painted flowering vines

This is my virtual tribute to my garden!

I've recently acquired a greenhouse, and this is a place for me to catalogue what I'm growing, how it's used, and other fun facts about my plant children!

a photo of a sweet basil plant in a terracotta pot

✿ Sweet Basil ✿

Cultivar: Emerald Tower

Ocimum Basilicum

a photo of a beefsteak tomato plant in a teal pot

✿ Tomato ✿

Cultivars: San Marzano, Beefsteak

Solanum Lycopersicum

a photo of a hot and spicy oregano plant in a terracotta pot

✿ Oregano✿

Cultivar: Hot & Spicy

Origanum Vulgare

a photo of 3 young green onions in a dark blue pot

✿ Scallion✿

Cultivar: idk i got them at the grocery store

Allium Cepa

butterfly on a flower next to rocks