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✧Guild Wars 2 Fanpage✧

skull impaled on a sword skull impaled on a sword

this page is dedicated to my OCs, their perspective on the story, and some neat screenshots i've taken.

i've only finished the core storyline so far, so i'll be updating as i make my way through the other story content.

can you tell i main ranger lol

- Meet the Commanders -

✿ Willow Aldern ✿

a green sylvari woman with dark hair and a green coat

☢ Hazel Aldern ☢

a wooden sylvari man with dark red hair and a red coat

ꕤ Laila Aulikki ꕤ

a tan norn woman with freckles, dark hair, and a stylized snow leopard mask

✓ current gameplay goals ✓

  1. map completion with willow, since i'm looking to make her a legendary like a fool.
  2. the legendary in question is the bifrost. in case u couldn't tell i think i'm gonna make her a druid once i get to heart of thorns stuff lol.
  3. make my way through living world seasons 1 & 2
  4. since i get the impression that the heart of thorns stuff is Hard. i want to gear up some of my characters *cough*laila*cough* since i don't even have everyone at all exotic yet lol
  5. i have 3 more non-commander characters i wanna make, which are a thief asura, a guardian charr, and a human elementalist. however, i think i'll work on them at least after i finish the living world stuff first.

『photo album』

a screenshot of willow aldern in caledon forest

out of all the starter zones, i think the sylvari one will always be my favorite!

a screenshot of willow aldern in lion's arch

baby's first time in lion's arch!

a screenshot of hazel aldern in brisbane wildlands

from when i was leveling hazel. on his way to help my beloved rat ppl

a screenshot of laila aulikki in wayfarer hills

from when i was leveling laila! yes i was leveling three characters at the same time bc i'm insane

a screenshot of hazel aldern in divinity's reach

though the vibes of the sylvari locations will always be my fave, divinity's reach is a very close second!

a screenshot of willow aldern sitting on a chair in black citadel


a screenshot of willow aldern and her pet pink moa, rubi, at fort trinity

baby's first time in orr feat. my giant flamingo

a screenshot of hazel aldern in lion's arch during shadow of the mad king

baby's first shadow of the mad king! he blends lol. and no i still haven't beat that FUCKING CLOCKTOWER

a screenshot of willow aldern at bloodtide coast, looking at an anomalous vision

so i didn't know these guys start showing up once u do the leyline anomaly event so i thought i found some kind of tyrian crytpid

a screenshot of hazel aldern on the roof of the sylvari home instance

hazel at his favorite date night spot, probably waiting on laila

a screenshot of willow aldern at iron marches gazing up at large vines created by the mordrem

will encounters a suprise tool that will help her later (and by help i mean mentally scar her for the rest of her life)

five flying japanese dragons