skull covered in red wax from a burning candle cut down the altar title skull covered in red wax from a burning candle

yes i too am a mandela catalogue fan with a mandela catalogue au.

sometimes i also call it the jonah lives au, since that's the main thing that's different.

cut down the altar sounds cooler though lol

medieval torch with a gargoyle face and purple flame

✧ The Story ✧

・cut down the altar!・

"Jonah wasn't sure which decision of his was worse: that he'd stayed at that house for so long, or that he hadn't stayed longer."

word count: 56.8k

Content Warnings: Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempts, Psychological Torture, Physical Torture, Body Horror, Gore, Temporary Loss of Limbs, Underage Drug Use, Recreational Drug Use, Kidnapping, Temporary Loss of Identity, Near-Death Experience, PTSD

・clear the stone・

"They were getting too close. Any closer and they'd know. They'd know how bad of a decision being kind to Adam could be."

word count: 5.3k

Content Warnings: Underage Drug Use, Excessive Swearing

・sew me up・

Coming Soon!

・pull your hands away!・

Coming Soon!

✧ Character Designs ✧

jonah marshall with overgrown hair in front of a glitching floral background holding a flashlight and a knife
adam murray with black sclera and white pupils, bleeding eyes, and his hands in handcuffs in front of a glitching ancient ruin thatcher davis with long hair in a ponytail and a fleece police jacket in front of a glitching mountain landscape
evelin miller in a y2k style outfit in front of a glitching, vine covered archway sarah heathcliff in a knitted sweater and skater skirt in front of a glitching statue of a unicorn
a young woman showing similar alternate features as adam murray, wearing a green hoodie, dark gray skinny jeans, and ugg boots a large young hispanic man dressed in a pink polo shirt, black and maroon hoodie, and bright blue jeans

✧ Concept Art✧

mock book cover for cut down the altar
the left panel shows thatcher in his police car, staring ahead with concern through the snow. right panel shows jonah, his face cut up and covered in blood with tears in his eyes
illustration of jonah covered in cuts with his shirt off. caption underneath reads 'let's get you patched up, kid.'
jonah and evelin walk into a run down hotel room, which is lit by orange sunlight. the room number is 333, and theres a hole punched into the wall. jonah and evelin look concerned
jonah and thatcher carry a disoriented adam in his post-catalyst form away from a white house. all three of them are highlighted by the headlights of thatcher's car. thatcher looks determined, while jonah looks worried
animated gif of adam looking up with a vhs filter. his legs are ripped off, pupils are dialated, and expression is vacant.
sarah and adam sit across from each other, divided by the bars of adam's holding cell. adam is missing his feet and looks guilty. Sarah is looking down at the bloody stumps, looking melancoly. bright sunlight cuts through the bars and the window behind sarah
upper part of the image shows jonah and sarah talking in front of the police station on an overcast day. bottom part of the image is split down the middle, one side showing evelin holding her phone looking panicked, the other side showing adam lowering his red flip phone, looking afraid of something off-camera. the middle of the image is being split apart by alternate gabriel, with only his glowing red eyes and a bit of his hair visible. his claws reach over jonah and adam.
adam is on the ground, looking over his shoulder at alternate gabriel. both adam and alternate gabriel look furious with each other. alternate gabriel's facial features are hidden by a shadow except for his eyes. the window behind alternate gabriel is glowing red
adam is kneeling in a hellish version of a desert cave, with hooks and chains emerging and hanging from the walls. his arms are bound in front of him with barbed wire, causing several bleeding cuts all over his forearms, and he's looking behind him with an angry expression
evelin is crouched against a bathroom sink, holding her phone to her ear. her eyes are wide and she's crying, terrified. to the side of the sink, we see a close-up of sarah, who is glancing behind herself at her memory of mark
adam silhouetted against a bright red, blood-splattered background screaming in pain, rage, and sorrow. his eyes are bleeding and his forearms are tied with barbed wire
jonah and adam seperated by a black bar in the center of the image. text in the bar reads 'I've given up on counting blessings, the gods can judge me when I'm dead.' jonah's side of the image shows him holding a spirit box and his knife, looking up as snow falls. adam's side of the image shows him covered in blood, his arms slashed up, and he's dragging himself along the walls of the Nightmare Sand Pit
image of jonah from behind as he looks up at the st. gabriel's church. the church and the surrounding trees are monochrome, while jonah is in full color, and the moon is bright read. jonah is holding his hunting knife in his right hand and a spirit box in his left
image with high contrast cell shading of jonah standing over the altar of st. gabriel's church. his left hand is covered in blood, which stains the altar, and he's holding his bloodstained knife with his right. the windows and lanterns of the church glow bright red. motion blurred text at the bottom of the image reads 'come alive, come alive'
jonah and adam seperated by a horizontal black bare in the center of the image. fading text in the bar reads 'Say when, and I'll come running back.' jonah's half of the image shows him reaching out with a slashed palm as the walls of st. gabriel's crack. adam's half of the image shows him covered in blood and dirt with his head hanging low, obscuring his eyes. he's also reaching out in the opposite direction with a shadowy, clawed hand
pencil sketch of adam, styled like a self portait. text on the left side reads 'self portrait after returning from... i still look like him. i'm still adam. why are they red?'
adam, jonah, evelin, and sarah all walk about in spring style outfits, which are on-trend for 2010 fashion. jonah's hair has grown out, and is no longer dyed silver
a polaroid of adam and jonah hanging out in a courtyard as middle schoolers. text on the white of the polaroid reads 'jonah finally made a friend!'
drop of blood falling to the ground then quickly fading