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☽ World of Mourning Moon Rising ☾

moon chronus

Much smaller than the planet it orbits, Omnius, Chronus only consists of one temperate continent,

also called Chronus, and an icy cap, called Mementos. The dominant species on Chronus

are fittingly called Chronians. They are in the same family as the Omnian elementals, but

radiation that has affected the moon since it split from Omnius has given them stronger powers

and bioluminescence, mainly in their hair. Because of how powerful they are, Chronians have

appointed themselves the peacekeepers of their galaxy. A unique variety of Chronian, known as

Reapers, are exclusively found in Mementos. Reapers are given the task of guiding the souls of

the dead to the afterlife, known to them as Necrius.

a map of chronus