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~The Aquarium is Open~

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say hello to the fishies!

a fish tank housing a green fish, with a tombstone and nautilus shell for decorations
a vintage-looking aquarium with a variety of fish

don't tap the glass tho

blue jellyfish blue jellyfish blue jellyfish

**top ten weird mfs of the ocean**

aka my favorite sea creatures bc i'm very normal ^^

10. leopard shark

leopard shark in kelp
triakis semifasciata

tbh there's only two reasons they're on the list at all. first because my brain still struggles

to register them as sharks. like that's not jaws that's just a spicy fish. second i love these

guys so much. in particular i love watching them swim, it's just so satisfying and graceful!

i'm always glad when i go to an aquarium and i see one of these guys!

9. bat ray

bat ray in shallow water
myliobatis californica

i'm even happier when i get to see one of these. i don't care that they're stingy boys they're

just so cute! i had a plush of a spotted one of these when i was a kid, that's how cute they are.

8. yellow-bellied sea snake

sea snake swimming on water surface
hydrophis platurus

some of you might have seen the above pic and been like "sNAKES!? IN THE OCEAN!? fuck that!"

and listen, you may have a point with this one because it's actually very venomous (though the snake

itself is not aggressive). but for one thing, most animals dont fuck with you if you don't fuck with

them. and for another, look at how cool it looks. to me it looks like a tiny dragon. i actually still

have a plush of one of these that i bring out for halloween sometimes lol

7. leafy seadragon

leafy sea dragon
phycodurus eques

much like the seahorse, which is in the same family as this guy, it is a useless fuck that is

incredibly bad at staying alive. however, consider this: this creature, also, looks very cool

and magical. did not have a plush of this one but i did have a lil figure of one that i probably

broke from playing with it so much. can u tell where my interest in fish began yet?

6. cuttlefish

common cuttlefish
sepia officinalis

we're getting to the real weirdos now. the above picture does not do this lil freaky dude

justice so here is a video that gives you a better idea of how weird these are. everyone's so

fixated on all the creechurs in the deep sea that we forget we have a literal shape shifter

living in the shallows. i saw some dwarf cuttlefish when i went to monterey bay and it blew

my fuckin mind seeing them change color like that. these dudes were having a rave on their skin.

5. sea sponge

yellow tube sea sponges
aplysina fistularis

i promise you that is not a pile of weird rocks but a creature. i had kind of an obession

with these things, though not because of spongebob. i had a vhs (i'm 200 yrs old) of a

national geographic documentary about all the things living in coral reefs, including these

things. in particular i remember watching sea turtles chow down on these and wishing i could

do the same because it looked oddly good. baby's first forbidden snack i guess. also, the

only reason these aren't further down is due to spongebob normalizing them.

4. portuguese man o' war

floating portuguese man of war
physalia physalis

honestly a very underrated creature. though it may look like a jelly, it is actually a

siphonophore, which is way weirder and cooler. it basically means that it's a bunch of

microscopic creatures that, through i guess some kind of hivemind, all link up and form a

shape that we know as the man o war. i like the way their stingers look, they kinda remind

me of those bead strands they have at craft stores.

3. japanese spider crab

large spider crab in front of whale skull
machrocheira kaempferi

this pic was literally taken at the same exhibit i saw them at when i went to monterey. i

may have seen this crab with my own eyes. if so omg hi bestie!!! anyway, these boys get to

be as big as a small car so i think their place on the list is self-explanitory. you can

see some live crab reactions over on my links page ;)

2. giant isopod

giant isopod on sea floor
bathynomus giganteus

now this may look like an ordinary pill bug/rollie pollie to you, but i swear this thing

is the size of an american football. at monterey they had a station where you can pet them.

first of all the water they were in was freezing, and second of all they had the texture of

extremely coarse sandpaper. i have a lil keychain of one of these as well

1. bigfin squid

bigfin squid with night vision filter
magnapinna genus

there are weirder things than a too-long squid in the deep ocean of course, but of all the

deep ocean freaks this one is my favorite. look at him he's t-posing. fun fact: my mom and

i have a drink we named after him. 1oz. lime juice, 2oz. honey (preferably the fancy farmers

market kind), ~4-6 fresh basil leaves, stir over ice, top with club soda, garnish with a stem

of basil. of course it is non-alchoholic, which made the name even more clever at the time

because at the time the only recorded bigfins were all juvenilles. that recently changed

though! scientific progress, you love to see it!

man in a vintage diving suit viewed through a porthole